Authors are Entrepreneurs, and Every Book is a Startup (video)

We all know what it takes to launch a business: months of preparation and hard work, careful use of resources, and lots of creative thinking when it comes to scaling our new venture. Todd Sattersten, author of Every Book is a Startup: The New Business of Publishing, says that authors should think of their books in the same way.

Todd thinks that authors are best served by self-publishing when testing out new ideas, shorter books, and searching for new sets of readers. But if authors are entrepreneurs, he sees publishers as venture capitalists that have the resources and connections to make other books very successful. It is up to authors to determine which route to take, and he suggests making use of every possible means to get your book into your readers’ hands.

Todd Sattersten was my¬†guest yesterday at the inaugural Authors Go Public video hangout, where I interviewed him and he took questions from several BABS participants. We got his thoughts on many topics, including: the “minimum viable product” model of publishing; pricing ebooks and print, fiction vs. non-fiction; why readers are the heroes of our stories; serialized ebooks; the problem with giving away writing for free; finding your readers, and staying in touch with them.

Watch the full 32 minute video here:

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