Building the Right Social Media Strategy – Social Jumpstart TV

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Mike Wolpert, host of Social Jumpstart TV, about how to share what you know using social media. We had a lively conversation and touched on a number of important topics. Below is a list of several of them, along with the time they begin in the video.

The three main goals of any blog (hint: perfection isn’t one of them) – 4:24
Adopting the low-resolution, high-value aesthetic in online video – 6:52
How to help people get started in social media – 8:12
Finding that storehouse of knowledge inside that you want to share – 9:48
Starting with a piece of content, and using it to increase your knowledge base – 13:46
The benefits of the Facebook platform, and who doesn’t need to use it – 18:04
Making it easy to hop onto the social media bus – 19:49
Real-life example of how a realtor greatly improved visibility – 24:38
Great strategy for sharing your tech industry expertise – 25:59

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