Guy Kawasaki and the Launch of APE

I’ve been following Guy Kawasaki’s career since the late 80s. He has interested me as a writer and public figure because I think he balances being a smart salesman and a genuine human being pretty well. So when he and Shawn Welch came out with APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur last year, I knew I wanted to watch his book launch perhaps even more than I wanted to read his book.

He has not disappointed. Any author who wants to know how much work it takes to successfully promote a book should just follow the trail of interviews, articles, appearances, and social media conversations Guy and Shawn have produced over the past few months. Here’s a great place to start: the links on their website. And then go and check out their Google+ community, which they run with the ever-cheerful Peg Fitzpatrick. That is what it takes.

In my recent interview with Guy, I asked him about the process of launching APE, and his view on managing Amazon reviews. We also talked about book discovery and distribution startups.

One point I would like to follow up on is when I asked Guy about what he’s planning to write next. He proceeded to give us all a view of post-partum publishing that I am sure none of us will soon forget. (It’s at 48:50)

I fall more into the Cory Doctorow camp: “Writers write because they can’t stop.” But hearing Guy’s thoughts made me see that perhaps we need a Planned Authorhood organization to give authors the self-control they need to adequately space their books, and never produce more than they can really take care of.

Just a thought.

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