Fall 2013 Publishing Conference Roundup

I go to conferences and workshops so you don’t have to! I love sharing what I learn, but instead of talking to everyone individually, I recorded the 16 minute video below.

This video will give you great information on:

  • Amazon – tips on book descriptions, categories, and how to keep your book showing up in search
  • Finding readers – both online and in-person, and the questions you need to ask them
  • Ebook creation tools – online writing and distribution tools that you can use right now
  • Free resources – links to websites, articles and handouts from the conferences with even more information

Conferences and Links

BAIPA – The Bay Area Independent Publishing Association website. We meet monthly in the North Bay.

Penny Sanseveiri – based in San Diego, Penny speaks widely on Amazon and book marketing for authors. Here is an excellent article by Penny with more Amazon advice.

SF Writing for Change Conference – Free handouts from all presenters are available for download here.

Books in Browsers IV – the two presentations I talk about below are by Hugh McGuire of Pressbooks and Peter Armstrong of Leanpub. One correction to my video: Pressbooks is free to use and create ebooks. For $10 you can get their watermark removed from the ebook files they create.

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The Video

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