Sarah Milstein on Twitter for Authors (video)

Sooner or later, every author has to decide how to use Twitter. Besides its awesome power to connect us with millions of people and all sorts of conversations, as Sarah Milstein, co-author of The Twitter Book says, “Twitter is a writer’s medium.”

Tweeting is a short form, haiku-like writing experience that lends itself to sharing information, useful links, and wry commentary. Many writers (myself included) grow to love it, and seek out others to follow who enjoy the medium and express themselves well on it.

But don’t take my word for it. Here is Sarah herself, talking to me recently about how authors can best use Twitter. This video is part of the Authors Go Public interview series, a project of the Bay Area Bloggers Society.

Topics we covered:

Publishing on Twitter (0:00)
Author vs. entrepreneur uses of Twitter (0:35)
2 types of Twitter engagement: Networkers and Influencers (1:45)
Using lists to follow people on Twitter (5:20)
Do the people who follow you pay attention to you? (5:50)
Ways of testing your influence and reach on Twitter (6:35)
The “hub and spoke” model for author platforms (7:00)
Sarah’s take on the dependent vs. the independent web (9:00)
How to keep track of what you’ve published on Twitter (10:35)
Sarah’s daily Twitter routine (11:25)
You don’t need to tweet to use Twitter really well (13:05)
How likely is it that people will see what you post on Twitter? (14:05)
Twitter users to follow for the latest in social media and how-tos (15:30)
Any more planned updates to The Twitter Book? (17:40)


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