SEO, SMO, and Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important component of a successful web presence plan. If you already have a website, SEO basics involve making sure each page on your site achieves the highest ranking in Google and other search engines. Often, making small changes to your page “metadata” is enough to increase your visibility to those looking for the services you provide.

While SEO has been around for a while, the new kid on the block is SMO, or Social Media Optimization. Probably the most ubiquitous examples of SMO are the Facebook “Like” button and “Share on Twitter” link displayed on most. SMO helps route traffic to your site by extending your network presence into the social networking sphere, which is increasingly important for website traffic and referrals. It also offers you low-cost, low-effort ways to stay in touch with clients and contacts.

At Creative Content Coaching, we take an informed yet practical approach to SEO and SMO. Many big improvements in visibility can be made with only minor changes to an existing website. We can help you fine-tune your website or blog to take full advantage of SEO and SMO, while making sure that visitors to your site will have a reason to stay once they find you.

With everyone seeking a competitive edge in online marketing and social media, we are proud to offer an approach that emphasizes creative content development as well as strategic use of SEO optimization and SMO channels along the way. Our coaching services insure that your Web 2.0 plan is sustainable over the long-term, so that you derive the greatest possible benefit from your efforts and investment.

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