Social Media Tip: Turn Your Rants Into Pin Boards

Sometimes you don’t know how you’re going to use a social media site until you’ve been on it for a while. In my case, a lightbulb went off about Google+ and Pinterest one day as I was silently fuming about a full-page book ad in the New Yorker.

The ad didn’t make any sense from a marketing standpoint, and the more I looked the more questions I had: Who exactly was the ad targeting? Why did the publishers choose this magazine for this book? Where was the publisher’s brand, anyway? And how did they hope to sell the book or track the ad’s effectiveness without a single URL?

All I wanted to do was have some fun with the ad and jot down a few offhand comments. But where? This wasn’t Facebook or Twitter material because I had too much to say, yet it wasn’t quite right for my blog either. That’s when the lightbulb appeared. It was perfect for Google+!

I had joined some great author communities there, but didn’t have a content stream of my own on Google+ except links to blog posts. My morning rant was the perfect fit. With the site’s beautiful image rendering, all I needed to do was snap a picture of the ad with my phone, add a few comments in the G+ app, and upload it. Voilà!

Here’s what that first G+ post looked like, almost a year ago.

As I wrote, I realized that this was so easy and fun—and unique—that I could turn it into a series. Cue the second lightbulb: these posts would make a great Pinterest board! Until that moment, hate would not be too strong a word for how I felt about Pinterest. Yet I had joined up and looked around, knowing that someday I had to get a handle on it. Each image-based post on G+ has its own URL, so suddenly I had something unique to contribute on Pinterest that was (again) easy and fun for me.

Here’s how that post translated into my very first pin.

And here’s what my Pin Board looks like now. Having a consistent background for those photos really helps!

The challenge with social media is that content gets lost in the stream soon after you post it, and searching for it afterward is difficult. Pinterest solves that problem quite nicely. Perhaps you have some rants of your own that might benefit from the same system?

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